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Future Trees

The continued conservation, planting and maintaining of trees is vitally important to the survival of the earth we inhabit. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as a raw material with which to produce oxygen; one the building blocks of life as we know it.

Ancient Milkwood Trees become up to 800 years old

Production of CO2 due to human activity has increased exponentially in recent history due to expansion of industry and our reliance on fuel fired electricity and transport. Logically this would necessitate an increase in oxygen producing trees and plants. Drastically, the opposite is happening and mass deforestation has greatly diminished the density of trees and seriously compromised our planets CO2 recycling and conversion system.

The Foundation started using funds to plant trees at the Spaces for Sport Project as an urban greening initiative, but our mindset has evolved far beyond that. Planting trees is part of the solution to the global warming of our planet, along with reduction in our energy consumption, and investment into green energy resources such as solar, wind and geothermal power. Unless humanity starts acting on climate change, it may be too late. A Kashmiri proverb states that:

“We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers, but borrowed it from our children”.

With this frame of mind, we formalised the Future Trees Project. An organisation, family or individual can make a contribution of R350 to the Foundation, which covers the cost, planting and ongoing care of a 20-litre (5 year old) tree. Our ideal would be that you can then come and visit us, get some dirt under your fingernails, and plant your tree wherever you like - as part of our forest restoration program, in a local township for urban greening or at the Spaces for Sport project. Otherwise we can plant it on your behalf. You can choose the species of indigenous tree that you would like to plant:

  • White Milkwood
  • White Stinkwood
  • Pock Ironwood
  • White Olive

You will receive a certificate, be listed on our Tree Planters Page, as well as on our Future Trees sponsorship wall which is to be built in our restored forest. The location of your tree will be recorded and mapped using GPS so that you can keep an eye on it from your home on Google Earth. If youve already planted a tree, input the co-ordinates of your tree into the text boxes below and see where it is!

By supporting the Future Trees project you are taking a step towards offsetting your carbon footprint (for example the carbon produced by your long-haul flight), combatting global warming, replacing the trees that are cut down support our lifestyles, and greening the world we all live in. The Future Trees project supports and collaborates with the Green Futures Nursery, which supplies the trees we plant. In this way your donation is spread amongst the projects of the Grootbos Foundation.

Please enter the Latitute (south) and Longitude (east) of your tree. Remember that because South Africa is in the southern hemisphere, you need to add a minus (”-”) before your latitude to get the right location.

e.g. for co-ordinates of 34.54314 South and 19.41454 East, enter -34.54314 in Latitude and 19.41454 in Longitude.



Were currently working on some website funcionality to enable online contributions, but in the mean time please contact us to get involved.

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