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Point to Point Campaign

In support of swimming and water safety, the Point to Point team of volunteers and coaches completed a 90 km run from Cape Agulhas to Danger Point in Gansbaai.

Much thanks to Shereen Van Der Merwe, Stacey Mielke, Robert Dopke and Paul Hanfft for completing the three-day challenge. A special thank you to Caroline Wulf and her father who took the responsibility of canvassing far and wide to ensure support for the cause. It truly is an extraordinary achievement. We look forward to reporting on our new swimming pool in the future!

Thank you to all our generous donors:

  • ABL SURSUM Bayerische Elektrozubehör (Ingrid Hoffman)
  • Aeneas Noordanus
  • Anna Müller
  • Caroline Wulf
  • Christiane Dahm
  • Christiane Mueller
  • Claudia Coleman and Denise Coleman
  • Claudia Welge
  • Florian Gratz
  • Geo Data GmbH
  • Guenter Busch Elektromontage und Spende (Mandy Thieme)
  • Heitz GmbH & Co.KG und Heitz Sportwagen (Karl Keilhauer)
  • Hieu Nguyen
  • Iris Wulf
  • Jim Mielke
  • Jürgen Flosdorff
  • Karen Peterson
  • Kristin Wentz
  • Kuba-Bau
  • LANGMATZ GMBH (Stephan Wulf)
  • Nancy Neyland
  • Nienke Dopke-Vis
  • Stacey Mielke
  • Stephan Wulf
  • Teala Boyle
  • Thomas Scheuber
  • Viktoria Flore
  • WendyLee Mielke
  • WOLFRAM (Elizabeth) BLANK

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