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Our bees & honey

“If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe then man would only have four years left to live,” Albert Einstein.

The Growing the Future honey project, under direction of Johan Strydom, produces a high quality, ethically produced honey. We have eight apiary sites and 120 colonies and have just added an additional 20 swarms. The bees in South Africa are threatened by the AFB (American Foul Brood) – we are taking this threat seriously and have implemented a number of strict measures to ensure that our sites and honey remain disease free.

Our rare, single blossom Erica Irregularis honey is now included in our signature Grootbos Just Pure amenities range, which was officially launched on 9 December at the Grootbos Villa. The amenities project aims to secure a high quality, ethically produced, 100% natural supply of amenities into the lodges. This forms part of our commitment to give Grootbos guests the highest quality, locally sourced products, which showcase our unique fynbos and honey.

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