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Point to Point

From 26 - 28 November a team of four from the Football Foundation will be participating in a 90 kilometer run from the southernmost point of South Africa (Cape Agulhas) to Danger Point in Gansbaai. The event is called Point to Point and all funds go towards the Foundation.

The Football Foundation of South Africa is a subsidiary of the Grootbos Foundation and was established with the dual aims of achieving greater social integration in the Gansbaai region and educating and empowering youth, using sports as a vehicle for change. Two volunteers, one intern and one local coach will be participating in the run to raise awareness and funds for the foundations sports programs, with hopes of building a swimming pool in 2016.

You might ask why they are willing to run such a distance- it’s because they love these kids! The participants work with the children in Masakhane, Blompark, Stanford and Hermanus each and every day and want to use running to raise awareness and funds to continue to provide sports and development opportunities for the youth in the Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus communities! The team will run the 90K over the course of three days running beside the coast and camping along the way. On the 27th the runners will be joined by a few coaches for a final night of camping before finishing the final 20K as a team on Saturday the 28th.

Management, coaches, volunteers, and a few of the athletics children will join in on the last 10 kilometers for a Foundation Finish! International sponsors are signing up to sponsor individual kilometers i.e. kilometer #3 sponsored at $3, kilometer #26 sponsored at $26 etc.The goal is to have each kilometer sponsored. If all kilometers are sponsored we can raise $4,000 for the Foundation, equating to R52,000! Local donors can get involved in our 90 for 90 campaign. We are challenging locals in the community to support the 90K by donating R90. The goal of the campaign is to bring locals and internationals into partnership with the work that the Foundation is doing to bring sporting opportunities to the children in Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus. The funds will be used to help build a pool and start a swimming program for the children in 2016.


There are several ways you can join us on this journey:


Commit to sponsoring a kilometer(s). The goal is to get every kilometer sponsored from 1-333. For example, if you choose to sponsor kilometer number 22, you would donate R22, $22, €22, or £22 to our cause. If every kilometer gets sponsored we can raise more than R50,000! You can donate in person, online using the Grootbos website http://www.grootbosfoundation.org/pages/donate.php

CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR A KILOMETER: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CPa6RlxohDce9FxBOV45l6103aCRFIFNptRCZfTgRck/edit?pli=1#gid=0


Get the word out! Tell your family and friends about what we are running for. We need a lot of support to reach our goal!


We will keep you posted daily throughout the journey through our Facebook event page:

To stay connected to the Football Foundation you can follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

https://instagram.com/footballfoundationsa/ footballfoundationsa

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