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British Council/Premier Skills Assessors visit Gansbaai Spaces for Sport

The coaches were selected as part of the initial first 60 candidates to roll out this pilot programme in South Africa. The first 60 candidates completed the first phase and then were sent back home to introduce what they learnt into their community, after a few months and reports later candidates were chosen for phase 2, which was limited to 30 candidates as the programme progresses with each level of training. Once again our two coaches were selected and completed the second phase successfully in November 2014.

Third Phase selection was on a more strict bases and only limited to 18 candidates throughout south Africa and once again our two coaches were selected for outstanding work and continues improvement since their time at the Premier Skills training.

Phase 3 was then divided into 4 stages:

Stage 1: Face to Face Training with UK trainers just like Phase 1 and 2

Stage 2: Community Projects

Stage 3: Face to Face Engagement with UK trainers and Assessment

Stage 4: Community Engagement

The Coaches are currently in Phase 3 – Stage 2 and hence the visit from the Assessors to monitor the progress and evaluate the Coaches Educating Coaches in the Community and were provided with some valuable and positive feedback as well as points of improvement which was important for their personal growth as coach educators.

The Football Foundation coaches look forward to attending Stage 3 in October 2015.


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