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Gansbaai Holiday Life Blossoms in winter

June is a special month at Grootbos. Despite the cold settling in and winter firmly setting its roots deep down into our mountainous community; there’s another special event that happens. June not only sees the arrival of our gentle giants, the Southern Right Whales, but it boasts the explosion of a plant unique to our community – the heart and soul of beauty at Grootbos flourishes. The Erica irragularis paints the mountainous landscape with a stunning pale pink colour – reflecting the magnificent sky colours like a mirror of the evening sunset.

The unique Erica irragularis, the definition of the beauty of Grootbos itself isn’t the only magical moment blossoming this winter. Monday 29th June saw the beginning of the Football Foundation’s week long holiday programme – a programme designed to get kids actively engaged with sports, health and well-being; directly aimed at getting them off the streets and engaged with productive and fun holiday activities. The Grootbos Foundation have run the initiative for six years, and each year it fertilises those winter blues to blossom into life in June.

The holiday programme stretches across a week of jam-packed activities, which are aimed to not only get the kids off the streets, but also educate them on various present social stresses existing in their communities. Furthering this, the programme has seen on its first two days, roughly 150 participants from the Gansbaai community and all walks of life. The activities are based at the heart of the community and proving as a flourishing example for South African integration.


“I’m pretty impressed, as internationals here and guests in the community, the work we’re engaged with is highly rewarding and pretty inspiring”, Jack Garrett, a Soccer coach from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK described his experience of the holiday programme. 

Ending on Friday, the holiday programme provides parents with the security that whilst school is out, they can be safe in the knowledge that the children of the Gansbaai community are up to productive stuff.

“It’s a simple way to add some form of progression to the community” Natasha Bredekamp, the Football Foundation Project Manager, explained. “Not only are we giving children something to do during the holidays, we’re integrating the community and teaching the kids at the same time in a fun and enjoyable manner”.

The arrival of the initiative couldn’t come at a better time – as the whales are beginning to appear, dotted around the Walker Bay, and as the Erica irregularis appears on the mountain sides; it’s important to share the flourishing power of the wonderful people in our community.

Matthew James Kirk

PR and Media Intern at Grootbos Foundation



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