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Harvesting Hope

Today we finished off another extraordinary term of Food for Sport. Each student has displayed a drive and commitment to the programme that has been deeply encouraging for the facilitators. We’re not always awarded with the devout interest of each student, so a group such as this was a pleasure to teach and work with each week.

They spent the last 11 weeks learning about health, nutrition, plant life, and practical gardening lessons. Every week consisted of classroom sessions, gardening lessons, and sport activities to help reinforce what they had learned. Throughout the programme they worked in pairs on a gardening box in which they grew a variety of vegetables that will soon be harvested.

It was incredible to see how the kids immediately took ownership over the boxes. They readily embraced the opportunity to create something, make it their own, and make it beautiful. For a child with limited opportunities - or really for anybody - the process of creation is refining. It shapes the self-discovery of one's ability to turn something old or small, into something new and beautiful; like a dirty old square of molded boards into a vivacious gardening box filled with a bounty of vegetables. Our hope is that these kids not only learn about gardening, health, and nutrition but that they can now face future decisions with the knowledge of what they are truly capable of creating.

A huge thank you to all the teachers and parents who support and encourage the kids and a special thanks to the lead facilitators, Simone and Anchelle, for making it all happen!!

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