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Female Power testing the campgrounds

A kick-off bonding weekend was held from Friday 13 February to Sunday 15th February with the students and the programme facilitators of the Football Foundation’s “Female Empowerment Programme” at the Uilenkraalsmond campground.

This 7-week course designed to increase the students’ awareness of the value of female empowerment and the importance of gender equality in preparing themselves for their roles in life ahead in their community, school and home. In a series of 8 sessions they learn about and discuss the value of education and personal goal setting, issues around social and sexual abuse and its prevention, HIV/AIDS, birth control, the importance of healthy food and nutrition, as well as the value of integrating regular physical exercise into everyday life.

Fourteen girls, aged 12-14 years, from the Gansbaai Primary School attended the introductory session over a weekend at the Uilenkraalsmond campground.

Intern Michelle led a lively fun session in which the girls and the facilitators each created an attractive and colourful collage board to introduce themselves to the group, using magazine cut outs and coloured pencils. Early evening it was off to the beach for a swim in the warm ocean and a delicious supper of Spaghetti Bolognese, followed by a round of games and cards. It is fair to say that the ice had been broken before they settled for bed in the three beautiful cabins in the woods!  


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