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Painting and Planting

This Saturday Food for Sport students gathered at Die Bron primary school in Stanford to paint their new gardening boxes and plant new vegetables to look after over the next few months. We got a totally carried away with paint, played so much football our feet hurt, had a delicious braai feast and then learned all about the best practices for planting carrots, beats, spinach, broccoli, turnips and radishes... you can say we're pretty healthy here!

In the midst of all the excitement we had a very special visit from the Vice-President of the German Bundestag, Ulla Schmidt, and chairwomen of the German Bundestag’s Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with the SADC States, Dagmar Freitag. The two paid us a visit in 2011 for the launch of our Athletics programme so we were excited to see them again! They were on their last leg of a tour through Cape Town and Pretoria to see and experience the beauty and growth of South Africa; learn about the many ways South Africans and Germans are currently working together to create lasting social, economic, and political change; and explore other ways to deepen our partnership together. We are so encouraged by the love they have for our country and their desire to see how we can grow in partnership with one another. 

In an address given to the opening of Parliament in Cape Town, Ms. Schmidt concluded, "there is plenty that Germany and South Africa can achieve together to turn common challenges into opportunities, and opportunities into achievements." As an organization, we have some great relationships with German partners. Through these relationships we have seen and experienced the great opportunities and achievements that come through working with one another. 

We highly recommend reading the entire article at the following link: 


We are so thankful that Ms. Schmidt and Ms. Freitag took the time to come see us again and elated to share a similar passion for social change and community growth in South Africa.

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