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Hospitality Training

Employability and job creation are key focus areas for government, NGOs and the private sector alike, and the only means by which we are going to address the issue of poverty and inequality in South Africa. Skills training is imperative for unskilled people, especially in marginalized communities outside of urban centres, but if skills training programmes do not translate into jobs it can result in widespread despair. There is a need for matching training in scarce and critical skills, with the demand in the job market. Adapting to the current local job market, the Foundation has identified a need for training women in hospitality and service. There is an urgent need for staff in the tourism and hospitality sector in the Overberg, ranging from jobs in restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, resorts, takeaways, coffee shops and home industries.

Ten women will be selected for the 6-month on the job training that will cover an introduction to housekeeping, computer skills and English. Each student will be paired with a mentor for the practical training component. The course is fully sponsored by Grootbos and the Grootbos Foundation, and the first round of interviews for the 2015 intake took place on Monday 1 December.

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