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Green Futures Accepts Make A R100 Challange with Car Wash

Last Friday, the Grootbos Foundation’s Green Futures team accepted the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s “Make a R100 Challenge” by holding a car wash on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Charging between R30 and R50 per car, Green Futures washed seven cars and vastly exceeded the challenged by making R400. In proper entrepreneurial spirit, they charged one patron R100 because their car was so dirty they could barely even see the paint! The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, which aims to dramatically contribute to a positive economic, social and political change throughout Southern Africa through entrepreneurial activity, launched the “Make A R100 Challenge” to promote Entrepreneur Week and “get all South Africans to think about entrepreneurship in a non-intimidating way”. This challenge served as a wonderful team building activity and provided entrepreneurial experience that was valuable for everyone involved. Reaping the benefits of their hard work, the Green Futures team will be using the money they raised to have a delicious braai this afternoon. Other successful efforts by Grootbos Foundation members to raise R100 included selling a whiteboard, installing kitchen cabinets, and making breakfast for the office!

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