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It has been a blooming spring!

Our Grootbos Foundation conservation team have been hard at work this spring and have found a number beautiful species of fynbos flowering.

806 species of fynbos have to date been documented on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and the conservation team's work beyond Grootbos's borders comprise over 1 000 fynbos species across 18 000 hectares in the region.

Some key flowering species identified include Gladiolus alatus, Gladiolus variegatus, Leucadendron elimense, Protea aculos and Chasmanthae aethiopica.

Our conservation team now include six team members, headed up by Sean Privett. Members of the team specialise in different facets of fynbos research and include specialisations in entomology, alien clearing management, botany and documenting faunal species through the use of motion cameras. 

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