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Our Landscapers' Challenge

The Grootbos Foundation’s ‘Green Futures’ programme is currently engaged in one of the largest projects they have ever undertaken, working as a subcontractor for Haw & Inglis for the Elim Road Project. This project will see to the construction of a new road from Uilenkraal to Elim, which is a stretch of road that extends approximately 50 kilometers. Awarded the tender for the project in June of this year, Green Futures is responsible for landscaping within the towns through which the road runs, as well as the rehabilitation of the fynbos that is disturbed by the construction process. 

The first step of the project is to pick seeds from the fynbos prior to the disruption of the land so that they can be used later to rehabilitate the surrounding area once the road is complete. Green Futures has already completed this part of the process, collecting over 380kg of fynbos seeds for later use. Another major aspect of this project is the landscaping of the local towns, some of which has also been completed already by Green Futures. The programme has planted approximately 300 trees in Elim, many of which were fruit trees including orange, lemon, peach and apricot trees. The next town in which landscaping will take place is Baardskeerdersbos, where there will also be many trees planted, along with some soft landscaping.

Once the road is complete, Green Futures will hand-rake and stabilize the surrounding disturbed land and use the seeds they picked at the start of the project to rehabilitate the area by planting new fynbos. Led by Sean Privett, the Project Manager of this endeavor for Green Futures, the project is scheduled to be complete in April of 2015. 

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