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Winter is a normally a good time to sip red wine next to a roaring fire. This year, our Conservation Director, Sean Privett, is foregoing these winter comforts and will spend three weeks in the middle of winter, on his mountain bike, riding the 2 300 km Freedom Trail Race across South Africa, down the spine of the Drakensberg.

The Freedom Challenge is a non-stop event with no GPS or support of any kind. Riders are only allowed to make use of maps and a compass. With the exception of an ice cream tub at each of the 26 control points, everything needed for the journey is carried on the back of the riders or on the bike.

Sean has committed his ride to a cause close to his heart. For the last year he has been key to the initiation of a canoeing development program for disadvantaged children from the Stanford community. He has shared his passion for canoeing with the community youth that otherwise would never have had access to the sport.

By the time Sean, arrives at the river for the training sessions, children are waiting in eager anticipation. The progress the children are making is remarkable and a tight knit canoeing team has bonded across social, economic and cultural backgrounds to take part and excel in the competitive regattas. In Sean’s words, “This isn’t just sport, it’s life changing stuff”.

Please support Sean on his, “Peddle for Paddles” mission to raise funds for much needed canoeing equipment for the Stanford Canoeing Development Project.

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