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Pass the honey, honey!

Honey production first began at the ‘Growing the Future’ Organic Farm on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve in 2009 as part of our initial agriculture and animal husbandry programme. 

The project has subsequently grown from farming with 30 hives to 75, and currently approximately one tonne of honey is produced at Grootbos each year. All our hives hold swarms that were caught on Grootbos. We never bring any bees onto our reserve from outside sources. 

We produce both regular fynbos honey (all year around) as well as single blossom honey (only during the Erica flowering season). The latter is completely unique and made by our resident bees from Erica Irregularis fynbos - an endemic plant species that grows only on Grootbos - nowhere else in the world! The honey is harvested at the time when these Ericas are in bloom. Grootbos single blossom honey has a wonderful, rich quality and is more bitter than regular fynbos honey (a bit like dark chocolate vs milk chocolate). It is also extremely healthy. 

All our honey is 100% organic (because there are no chemicals or pesticides on our farm or on the reserve), raw and unfiltered. We have a resident bee-keeper, and during 2014 began training an additional bee-keeper.

All honey used by guests at the two Grootbos Lodges, on the Fynbos Hiking Trail and Fynbos Retreat on Grootbos Private nature reserve is provided by this project. A new Siyakhula initiative aims to increase honey production to 3 tonnes over the next 3 years, and then develop a range of personal products (e.g. skincare, bath products) containing our honey and beeswax. This will employ and develop local employees. We aim to keep all our supporters up to date on developments. Watch this space!

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