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Zimasa: A sparkly future ahead of her

A year ago, Zimasa started her jewellery journey. Each week she travels to the Heidi and Ralph Walton jewellery workshop in Hermanus and under their guidance hones her soldering, polishing, and casting jewellery skills.

 She is working towards compiling and building her portfolio necessary for her to sit a prior learning exam. The prior learning exam, will be the culmination of four years of practical on the job training.

 From the outset, Zimasa has shown great aptitude for jewellery making and her latest piece, only a year into her training indicates how gifted she is. The piece is inspired by fynbos and each intricate piece is handcrafted and then assembled.

 The next step in the project is to work towards a jewellery workshop on site. This is will enable Zimasa to work on her jewellery items on site and be able to dedicate more time to preparing for her ultimate goal of sitting her exam. We are very proud of Zimasa’s jewellery journey and excited at the prospect of her sparkly future ahead.

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