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24 Hour Football Challenge

Dear friends of the Grootbos Foundation


Meet the Dutchies! Glenn Gielens (25) and Ruud van Geffen (23), both born and raised in the beautiful cold Netherlands. They have come to the Overberg and joined the Grootbos Foundation as part of an internship towards their studies.


As interns their main goals are to gain some experience in the field of event management in South Africa and to spend their time working with the children of the Overberg community.  Their mornings are spent in the office and their afternoons are dedicated to the Football Foundation, coaching soccer to the children. They are inspired to contribute towards these children’s futures.


The Grootbos Foundation projects coach children in various sporting disciplines 6 days a week and offer the children a safe space after school, keeping them off the streets. More than 5 000 children benefit from the Grootbos Foundation programmes per annum.

“We noticed the biggest challenge was that the children did not have safe and reliable transport. We decided to do something about it and to host an event to raise funds to purchase a 21 seater bus. Because we are soccer fans and coach the kids every afternoon, our fundraising initiative is to host a 24 hour Football Tournament! Quite the challenge!


We will kick off at 12am on the 10th of February and finish the following day on the 11th of February at 12 am. The day time fixtures will be focused on the younger kids, as this is the safest time for them to participate. The evening fixtures will cater for the adult teams!


It’s a big project to pull together – we’ve arranged security at the field, lighting to be able to play at night and even some music to keep up the morale!


We will do everything in our power to make this event a success, but we can’t do this without donations!”


What do we ask of you?

There are 1440 minutes in the event and our goal is for every minute to be sponsored. Sponsor a minute – the amount is up to you. Please use #24hours and your name as a reference. YOUR name will be on the bus as a memory for the kids. This was made possible because of YOU!


All contributions and proceeds will go the 21 seater bus!


Are you interested in donating?


Together we can make a difference! Many thanks for supporting the Foundation!


Yours sincerely,

Ruud van Geffen and Glenn Gielens


Bank details for donation:

Reference: 24 Hours, name/surname

Grootbos Foundation Förderverein

Konto-Nummer: 26 5 26

Bankleitzahl: 240 501 10 (Sparkasse Lüneburg)

IBAN: DE57 2405 0110 0000 0265 26


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