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Green Vision

Vision is the art of seeing. A core focus at the inception of the Grootbos Foundation grew from the realisation that we are in a highly sensitive endangered environmental area and this key principle has been enshrined in the Foundation’s mission.

The Foundation has always identified itself as an environmental steward and many of its programmes are a reflection of this responsibility. The Dibanisa programme, run in surrounding schools, educates children on the treasures of their natural environment and the role that they can play in protecting their unique biodiversity. The continued ecological research, reforestation efforts and vegetation surveys on both the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy (15 000 km) demonstrate the Foundation’s continued commitment to conservation.

Now the Grootbos Foundation has stepped up its environmental vision. The aim is to spearhead a green conservation corridor extending 50 000 km, linking the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy with the Agulhas National Park.

The vision is to create a recognised, functional and economically viable corridor encompassing 50 000 ha of high priority conservation, privately owned land. No co-ordinated conservation effort is currently in place and the area is currently under threat and highly vulnerable.

The initiative is challenging, but necessary, exciting, but daunting. We look forward to sharing more news on our progress, and please contact us if you are interested to donate to or learn about this project.

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