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Canoe Project

The Grootbos Foundation has joined forces with The Stanford Canoe Club to start a canoeing project that would benefit the children of the Stanford area as well as surrounding towns, villages and communities. Stanford has the beautiful Kleinriver running through it; it is a paddling venue within walking distance for all Stanford residents.

 The Grootbos Foundation will be involved by providing canoe-coaching supervision for the young canoeist, as well as strength and fitness training. The foundation will also assist with the monitoring and evaluation of the programme by taking regular attendance registers and providing the children access to educational programmes.

 The programme, which started in March 2016, has since seen nearly 20 boys from all over Stanford participate in this integrated programme. The boys learn to work together as a team, as teamwork is important to keep dry and out of the river for the duration of training. All children are equipped with lifejackets for precaution and water safety regulations. The children meet every Tuesday and Saturday and are eagerly training for their first competitive race in October 2016.

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