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Our girls sparkle!

The Siyakhula enterprise pillar of the Grootbos Foundation includes projects such as candle making, the organic farm, water bottling initiative and entrepreneurship programme, amongst others. Under Siyakhula our aim is not only skills training but also to assist the Grootbos Foundation in becoming self-sustainable.

A key aspect of the Grootbos Foundation vision is the understanding that addressing community livelihood needs is essential to sustain the conservation of our environment.  We are therefore particularly excited about the launch of our jewellery apprenticeship programme and our Fynbos inspired botanical jewellery range in partnership with Ralph Walton Jewellers. Zimasa and Siyanda attend weekly practical skills workshops in Hermanus in close consultation with Heidi and Ralph Walton, learning the skills of the trade.

The knowledge that this programme addresses skills for women to better navigate life, is an exciting prospect. The project is still in its infancy and is currently made off-site at the Walton studio, as we don’t as yet have equipment or facilities to house the project on-site. The initial jewellery range is inspired and based on our unique Fynbos surroundings and will be sold in the Lodge gallery shops by the beginning of May.

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