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IISP Success

The FFSA’s inaugural Inclusive Integration Sports Programme (IISP) took place over August and September with over 50 grade-5 pupils (an equal number of girls and boys) from Masakhane and Blompark primary schools attending. Sessions consisted primarily of fun games and team-building activities ensuring that every participant, regardless of gender, ability level or ethnic background had an opportunity to join in. Children were split evenly into groups according to their gender and class level and encouraged to work with people they didn’t know, which greatly increased each child’s opportunity to meet new people, (especially since most of the activities involved a great deal of team work.) The programme concluded with a mini festival featuring a braai, bouncy castle, dance off, as well as some sporting activities.

The purpose of providing inclusive integrated sports sessions is to promote sustainable cross-community contact between the different communities of Gansbaai, which is comprised of three distinct groups that have been historically segregated along racial and social lines and who live and move in three clearly separated areas of the town. This programme aims to support the Foundation\'s mission of using sport as a tool for \'social integration and participation\'. Sessions aim to promote an atmosphere of togetherness on a regular basis throughout the year. Key objectives are to provide fun and inclusive sporting activities, provide sustainable opportunities for social contact across segregated communities, promote mutual understanding, co-operation and to develop friendships, as well as coaching a wide variety of sporting skills.

The programme impressed many local coaches and teachers who were very encouraged by how the children came together. During a feedback session one of the local teachers mentioned a memorable moment where he was able to see the immense positive impact of the programme: During one of the sessions one of his students shouted for his attention. The boy put his arm around a boy from another community and said that this was his new friend. It is these types of bonds that IISP aims to encourage. The Foundation is already preparing for more fun in the forthcoming summer term. Watch this space!

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