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Off to college

Twelve students have made it through the rigorous selection process for the 2016 intake of the Green Futures year long horticultural training. These students will when the year is done, join the 118 student alumni that have passed through the Green Futures classrooms.

The accredited Agriseta curriculum comprises both horticultural and essential life skills training and both theoretical and practical aspects of horticulture. The life skills component covers essential topics such as computer skills, money managements skills, a first aid course and how to compile a CV. 

This year, the Green Futures programme has been fortunate to receive support from Old Mutual. The Old Mutual CSI team paid Green Futures a visit as part of their recent media trip. Both learners and facilitators alike so enjoyed the opportunity to meet and engage with the CSI team who have offered valuable support to this great programme.

Please see below a link to their blog featuring the Green Futures programme: http://dogreatthings.co.za/foundation/2016/02/growing-green-futures

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