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Quick Facts

  • Two volunteer programmes - Football Foundation and Green Volunteers
  • Volunteers work for 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. 
  • Educational lessons take place most Friday's and matches / clinics / tournaments / camps take place some weekends.
  • It is expected that volunteers lead a group and work well together with other staff.
  • Soccer, hockey, athletics, swimming, canoeing and netball currently form part of our sporting programmes.
  • Green volunteers get their hands dirty by assisting in agriculture, horticulture and conservation related activities and may assist with the horse stable project. 
  • Educational lessons/matches may be planned by volunteers and presented to the Grootbos Foundation beneficiaries of various age groups.
  • We encourage sports volunteer coaches to focus on skills which children will be able to maintain once the volunteer is gone; our focus is on sustainability.
  • Sports volunteers will accompany teams and individuals to matches, trips and trials.
  • Sports volunteers and coaches will in some areas fetch children from the schools on foot experiencing the vibrant township life and happy faces – our Foundation Kids LOVE the volunteers…
  • Volunteer age: 18 - 30

Roles & Responsibilities

We would love for you to join our team, by assisting the coaches on the pitch, helping with administrative office work or by working on our farms or nursery. Our most popular programme for volunteers is the Football Foundation sports outreach project, however we also welcome volunteers for our Organic Growing the Futures Farm or Green Futures our Indigenous Nursery and Horticulture and Life Skills College.

Volunteers come and spend time and work with us, especially those with a sporting or coaching background. The central role of a volunteer is to provide extra capacity either within our green programmes, on the sports fields or within the programmes we run within the local schools.

Our programme is ideal for foreign students, or young professionals who want to take a gap year and combine travel with a meaningful contribution to a local community. Bettering the lives of the children of the Gansbaai and Hermanus community is a deeply rewarding experience and to be recommended!

The volunteering programme is based in Gansbaai and Hermanus. Volunteers can assist with administration work, financial planning, reporting, marketing and fundraising; planning and implementing educational programmes or do hands-on coaching work with children and young adults or getting your hands dirty through horticulture or agriculture. We make sure that schedules include time off on certain weekends and that there is sufficient time to travel and see the sights of this beautiful country of ours.

The programme has an activities co-ordinator, who provides adventurous guided experiences. Examples of some of these include hiking, surfing, cliff jumping and horseback riding. These take place once a week.

Our offices are located on the 5-Star Grootbos Private Nature Reserve with beautiful panoramic views of Walker Bay.

If you would like to see volunteer accommodation rates, get involved or find out more please download and complete our INTERACTIVE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM or email simone@grootbosfoundation.org

Sports & Education

Our flagship Football Foundation sports programme in Gansbaai and Hermanus, is how we showcase how sport can be a powerful socially transformative vehicle. Through our non-profit organisation we have added a level of professionalism to sport in South Africa that has clear intentions of uplifting and integrating a rural community. 

In Gansbaai, Stanford and Hermanus we train various age groups between ages 6-19 in soccer, hockey, netball and athletics, Monday through Friday, all year round (except for a break over the Christmas holidays - mid December - mid January). We reach anywhere from 100 - 400 children on a daily basis through our sports and education activities. We have experienced full-time resident coaches in most sports, along with volunteers adding their expertise and enthusiasm. 

The children are able look at the coaches and volunteers as positive role models and mentors in a safe environment. Sport has a very cathartic effect, when the children are here to play the sport they love, they are:

a) Having fun whilst discipline and respect is cultivated
b) Drawn away from mischievous activities in the streets
c) Transported to a different world where any problems they might be facing at home become only a distant thought for the afternoon.

We take as much pride in our educational program as we do in our sports project. The two work hand in hand to immensely improve the quality of children’s lives. We regularly have speakers from various organisations join us for key lessons on pertinent issues such as AIDS/HIV, personal hygiene, substance abuse etc. In addition we (coaches and volunteers) prepare our own educational lessons, volunteers are usually very creative and use a good mix of technology, audio visuals and music to host interesting lessons about their home countries, the sports they are coaching and anything the deem worthy to teach! We also encourage the children as well as volunteers to speak as much English as possible. The aim here is to try engage the kids in as much conversation as possible, time permitting.

Practical Considerations


During your stay the Gansbaai Volunteers will share a beautiful, three-storey brick house overlooking the ocean with approximately 12 volunteers and the Hermanus volunteers share a house of 4 volunteers. Houses have a full kitchen, living area, game room (Gansbaai House), office space, one -three bathrooms and two - four bedrooms.

The Gansbaai house is located in the coastal village of De Kelders, a suburb of Gansbaai, approximately five-minutes away from both the foundation offices and the sports fields. Gansbaai is approximately 50km from the vibrant town of Hermanus. The Hermanus Volunteer House is perfectly situated within walking distance from the beach and a shop and the centre of town is a 5 min drive away where both Gansbaai and Hermanus Volunteers socialise and have fun! 


Meals are not provided and are the responsibility of each volunteer or intern. There is a full-service grocery store located in Gansbaai as well as Hermanus where you can purchase food in order to prepare meals at the house. There are also numerous restaurants and other dining options.


Three cars are provided by the foundation for work-related transportation purposes, two for the Gansbaai Programme and one for the Hermanus Programme. Any travel to Cape Town or further afield can be arranged through a private taxi service (expensive) or through the shark dive operators that travel between Cape Town. Most volunteers choose to club in and rent a car in Hermanus for a weekend of fun adventures in Cape Town.


Gansbaai’s and Hermanus natural, rugged and unspoilt beauty is breathtaking. From the spectacular cliffs of De Kelders to the miles of white sandy beaches of Pearly Beach, you will find one of the most unique and astonishing land-based whale watching spots in the word. Or onwards to Dyer Island where the Great White Sharks have drawn visitors from across the globe, hence Gansbaai having become known as the Great White Shark capital of the world. In the same vicinity just off Shark Alley, you will find an abundance of seals, being the hot spot restaurant of the great whites, not to mention the Penguin colony of Dyer Island. Throw in a mix of horse riding, nature walks, trips to Hermanus and Cape Town, and you are set for the experience of a lifetime.

We assist our volunteers by facilitating field trips by our activities co-ordinator so that you can enjoy the most common attractions of the region. These include hiking, shark cage dives, whale watching, horse riding, nature walks or other outdoor activities. The splendid beach environments provide plentiful opportunity for relaxation and entertainment. Avid sports fans can join the local Football League, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Hockey or Rugby club(s).



If you would like to see volunteer accommodation rates, get involved or find out more please download and complete our INTERACTIVE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM or email info@grootbosfoundation.org


If you live in our area and have time and skills you would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are many ways you can assist us, and we welcome day and part time volunteers from Hermanus, Stanford, Gansbaai and surrounds.