Future Trees

Future Trees

In 2006 a devastating fire destroyed large areas of ancient Milkwood forest found on Grootbos. The Future Trees Project was created with the aim of rehabilitating the afflicted areas, as well as other unique forested sections on the reserve.

Our project is more than a tree planting exercise, but a scientifically devised forest rehabilitation project. Our innovative approach is to use the earliest aerial photographs of the region, which date back to 1937,  to compare the extent of the current forest to earlier sizes. From this, we developed our planting plan to restore forests to resemble their previous incarnations. The trees used are grown in our own nursery to ensure local genetic sources are maintained. Indigenous trees, including White Milkwood, White Stinkwood, Pock Ironwood and Wild Olive are propagated in our indigenous nursery.

Since 2008 we have planted 3310 indigenous trees through the programme. In 2013 we planted 385 – more than one a day!

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